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playpack box play


We don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Our PlayPack boxes are sturdy, re-usable and recyclable, but most importantly they are also a great play tool. Why should anything go to waste? We’ve listed just a few great ideas to get you started on your BoxPLAY adventures.

LARGE BOX (outside box with lid)

Pretend play 

Pretend play is essentially role playing and using your imagination. Your box can turn into just about anything you desire. Perhaps it’s a shell for a turtle? Or maybe a suitcase for your teddy bear? Obviously the sky is the limit and your little ones will come up with some pretty fancy ideas… but to make things a little more interesting, most of our packs contain specially designed box accessory kits that can be used to transform the box into something fun. For example, our Adventure pack includes a plane kit that transforms both boxes into a plane and runway. 

Drawing and painting

Open the box out flat and paint directly on it or use it as protection for your floors while you do other crafts, cardboard makes a great canvas! Better yet, look at the picture below to see how you can easily turn your box into an art easel with just a few pieces of sticky tape!

playpack box easel  playpack box easel

'PlayPack of the day/week

A toy rotation is very useful in helping your child focus on what’s in front of them. Put a couple of items in the box for that day/week and declare it the ‘PlayPack of the day/week’. The key is to create some excitement and anticipation around the contents. You will be surprised how much creativity your child will show when only a few toys are available. It also means that you can encourage them to put away their toys once they are done and it’s very clear where everything should be kept. Making this a focus in your household will help you and your child learn to use what you have rather than constantly buying more and more toys.

Donation box 

It’s so easy in this day and age to just accumulate so much stuff! One of our favourite BoxPLAY ideas is to transform your box into a ‘donation box’. For every new toy your child brings into the house, an old one must be ‘donated' into the donation box. They can donate the toys to their friends when they come over, do a swap with them, or learn that people less fortunate than them may enjoy playing with those items. Check out our donation blog for tips on places to donate.


The insert tray was specifically designed by us for multipurpose play. The idea for this came about when we were thinking of SensoryPLAY ideas and the fact that it would be great to have a tub that we could send with our packs. The thought of sending a plastic tub just didn’t align with our minimum waste philosophy, so we went down the cardboard path and are super happy with how they turned out! Here are just a few cool things you can get up to with your insert tray:

SensoryPLAY tub 

Fill the insert tray up with whatever you like to create a sensory play tub. Some great examples are rice, lentils, pasta, sand and pebbles. Utensils from the kitchen can be used as tools for your little one to move the contents from one small container to another. Recyclables such as toilet rolls, tissue boxes or plastic bottles are great too. We personally love hiding small animal figurines and digging through to seek them out.

playpack sensory bin play

Small world PLAY

This is a cute concept where you use the insert tray to create a miniature world. It’s a bit like a dolls house but the contents can vary according to the world you imagine up. For example, what kind of world would the dinosaurs have lived in… what could you use to re-create this? Or perhaps a farmyard… maybe some dirt for the pigs and a few paddle pop sticks to create fencing.

playpack small world play

Lego Sorting 

Let’s face it, Lego can get really messy!! And not to mention dangerous (think sharp lego block under heel!!). Encourage your child to use the insert tray as a Lego play box. The pieces are all contained in one area, and make packing up a breeze. You can also turn this into an activity about colour and shape by sorting all the lego pieces into different groups.

playpack lego sensory play

White PlayPack markings 

We got really creative with our insert tray markings so that you can use these in many fun ways. Turn your insert tray over and you will see a noughts and crosses grid. Get together a few buttons, beans or lego blocks in two different colours and play the noughts and crosses game together. Remember how much fun this used to be?!

Next up is the ‘Connect Four’ section which is just a series of small circles. This is much like the traditional game but it’s just on a flat surface. Once again, get yourself a handful of small tokens (buttons/beans/lego) in two colours and work your way up from the bottom. Take a turn each to see who can get four in a row. You can go horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It’s a game of strategy… so this will be a good one to play regularly as your child builds up their ability to predict and think one step ahead.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd story board is a place for you to create short stories. We often make suggestions in the PLAYguide of your pack based around the theme of the pack.

The numbers, letters and shapes are great for practising tracing. Use pencils/crayons/pens or alternatively trace over them with water or play dough to make this a more tactile experience. Another idea is making your own rainy day treasure hunt around the house using the numbers as a checklist; find 1 hat, 2 socks, 3 books, 4 forks etc… and tick them off as you find them. Maybe you could use your insert tray to collect up all the items.

As you can see, PLAY is only limited by your imagination! As adults we often forget and undervalue the power of imagination. It is through imaginary PLAY that children engage and make sense of the world around them. We encourage you to use our ideas as a starting point, but see what other ideas you and your child can come up with! Happy PLAYtime :)


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