How many different ways can you PLAY?

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How do preschool educators capture a child’s attention so well? How do they keep them so engaged and learning non-stop? They use all the different PLAY avenues available! We have built our PlayPacks around many of these PLAY philosophies.

Our PLAY types help you to find and set up play opportunities throughout your day - be it during daily routines, book time or just hanging about on the couch. Directions, tools and explanations are all provided in the PLAYguides of our packs.

Here is an explanation of the 7 PLAY types we have built into our PlayPacks:

BookPLAY - This is more than just reading books to your child, our BookPLAY is about incorporating language activities into book reading experiences, plus promoting further play ideas that extend off the themes in the book. Shared book reading not only strengthens your child's language skills, but it gives you precious time connecting with each other and having a conversation. In our packs, we outline tips and tricks to help you get the most out of reading together - how to have these conversations that provide further depth and understanding for your little one. We also have a great blog post here explaining some of these concepts.

SensoryPLAY - Sensory experiences can be easy to set up and keep your little one entertained for hours. These are activities that engage all of the five senses to broaden your child’s learning abilities. There are seven senses; gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch), vision, proprioception (body awareness/perception) and vestibular (balance and movement). Sensory play helps build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways. This is crucial for children to develop the ability to complete more complex learning tasks such as language development, gross motor skills, social interactions and problem-solving skills. It also helps to define a child's threshold for sensory stimulation. For example, a child who is fussy eating foods with a slimy texture such as spaghetti, the use of sensory play can assist the child in touching, smelling and playing with the texture in an environment with little expectation. When they are confronted with the sensory stimulation again, their tolerance can improve. Each of our packs include SensoryPLAY, however for a pack all about the senses check out our Sensory Spectacular PlayPack.

ToyPLAY - How many different play activities can come from a single toy? You don’t need a house full of toys, just a little imagination! The toys we focus on are simple and open-ended as children need the chance to develop their imagination. Having fewer toys also teaches children to care for the things they have, develop longer attention spans and be more resourceful.

BoxPLAY - Our boxes are sturdy, reusable and recyclable but most importantly can be used for PLAY! We have put a lot of thought and planning into designing these boxes so you can use them in many different ways. Each pack comes with an outer box and a specially designed insert tray. We provide lots of ideas for how to use these boxes in our PLAYguides, for some examples check out our blog post here.

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DailyPLAY - You don’t have time to stop and play all day long, so we show you how to make it part of your daily routines! This is where the real magic can happen and how you can make those mundane tasks in life a little less stressful. We suggest ways to easily include your child into your daily routines, such as a visit to the supermarket, getting ready for pre-school or doing the laundry. We show you how to make these activities engaging and enjoyable for both of you!

PeoplePLAY - Do you remember the days where we had no iPads and very little screen time? One of the biggest problems we face in society today is the balancing act between technology and human interaction. PeoplePLAY is about play that doesn’t involve toys or many ‘things’, because playing with people and developing social skills needs to be about engaging and connecting with those around you. Technology and fancy toys are cool and really enrich our lives, but we show you how to balance that with more traditional people-focused play. Think of good old-fashioned tickles, pillow fights, musical chairs or even hide and seek! These games also give your child a chance to use their imagination and create their own adventure. This process of imagination and creation is itself a great learning process. It also helps teach children to play without direction and encourage independent play. Our PLAYguides will help conjure up all these wonderful people based games you remember from the past, and some exciting new ones you may not have seen before! You can pull out these games anytime, almost anywhere - no charging required 😃!

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EmergencyPLAY - We always stick a little surprise in our packs labelled ‘EmergencyPLAY’. This is for when you desperately need a few minutes to get something done, a little distraction to give to your child that they can play with on their own. This can also be used to build up some excitement and anticipation over the day/week (aka a bribe!)


Our packs are designed by qualified Speech and Language Pathologists to give you the tools and skills to keep your child engaged, playing and learning even during those dull moments of the day. Check them out here!

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