Donation Box

playpack donation box

Who has too many toys in their house? I'm pretty sure you just said yes! We've got an idea you can use to help limit the number of toys in your house and also teach your children about empathy.

Grab your PlayPack cardboard box or insert tray and decorate it up as a ''Donation box". For every new toy your child brings into the house, an old one must be donated and placed in the donation box. They can donate toys to their friends when they come over, do a swap with them, or learn that people less fortunate may benefit from playing with those items. Here are some great places you can donate used toys:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Red Cross shop
  • Childrens' Hospitals
  • Local community centres
  • Women's Refuges
  • Sell them on ebay and donate the money to charity

It's always a good idea to call ahead first and check your chosen charity is accepting donations.  Some places may be full up with toys already and others may not be able to accept them for hygiene reasons. Always clean and sanitize toys before donation.

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